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How it all began...

Founded in 2008, our goal in retrospect tried to be all things to all people when it came to solar energy in Maine & New Hampshire. With incentives for solar electricity being limited in these states at the time, we quickly turned our attention to technologies that relied less upon incentives. Besides, there are plenty of companies installing solar electricity. Solar thermal became a focus and this then lead to other forms of renewable thermal energy such as biomass.

In 2009 we installed our first solar air heating system and quickly learned about the huge potential for this technology. With a steady but small handful of commercial solar air heating projects over the next few years, we began to ask ourselves – “Why is this technology not being truly scaled and understood the way it should be?”… Which is what lead us to where we are currently.

In 2011 we dropped all activities in other energy technologies to focus only on solar thermal, and only at the commercial level. We executed a distribution agreement with Enerconcept Technologies of Magog, QC to help grow a new and exciting USA market for their Lubi™, UnitAir™ & LugaGL™ products.

Our team has now emerged as unquestionably the most experienced company in the field of solar air heating in the USA. Why? We have had experience working with every major manufacturer of solar air heating products, we’ve tested, metered, installed, designed, engineered and commissioned tens of thousands of square foot of systems with our installed capacity more than doubling every year.

Today we have high profile projects completed at such institutions as Bentley University, University of NH, Southern Maine Community College and at numerous military bases, school districts, prison systems and wastewater treatment plants to name just a few applications.

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